Proceedings of the International Symposium on Performance Science 2007, edited by Aaron Williamon and Daniela Coimbra, published by the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC), Utrecht, The Netherlands. ISBN 9789090224848.

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Williamon, Coimbra ISPS 2007 Front matter front matter; preface; acknowledgements; contents; scientific committee

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Altenmuller From the Neanderthal to the concert hall: Development of sensory motor skills and brain plasticity in music performance (keynote) brain plasticity; expertise; sensory-motor integration; focal dystonia; evolution

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Araujo, Almeida, Cruz Excellence in achievement contexts: Psychological science applications and future directions excellence; giftedness; expertise; wisdom; performance

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Backus, Clark, Williamon Noise exposure and hearing thresholds among orchestral musicians noise exposure; hearing damage; musical performance; orchestral musicians; music students

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Batalha, Macara Rhythm capacity: Comparison between professional dancers and dance students dance; rhythmic capacity; rhythm factor; rhythm test; structure

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Clark, Williamon, Lisboa The phenomenology of performance: Exploring musicians' perceptions and experiences motivation; preparation; performance experiences; interpretive phenomenological analysis

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Coimbra Exploring the experience, expression, and control of anger among singers singers; assessment; emotions; anger; STAXI-2

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de Avila, Zorzal Appassionata for guitar of Ronaldo Miranda: Relationship between timing variation and musical texture timing; musical texture; statistic analysis; mathematical approaches; acoustic guitar performance

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de Mello A comparative study: Editions and manuscripts of the Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra by Villa-Lobos Villa-Lobos; comparative study; manuscripts; editions

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Esteban Munoz When gesture sounds: Bodily significance in musical performance gesture; live performance; expressiveness; pedagogy; synaesthesia

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Ginsborg, King The roles of expertise and partnership in collaborative rehearsal ensemble; rehearsal; collaboration; content analysis; singers

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Gorges, Alpers, Pauli Musical performance anxiety as a form of social anxiety? musical performance anxiety; social anxiety; multiple regression analysis; perfectionism; self-focused attention

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Kreutz Not quite so healthy: The lifestyles of music conservatoire students health-promoting lifestyles; students; music performance; musculoskeletal pain; psychosomatic symptoms

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Lopes, Gaspar Just in Time as a scientific interface between rhythm composition and performance theory; analysis; perception; rhythm; meter

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MacKie Science meets art: The body and its role in "shaping" piano music piano performance; embodiment; kinetic chain theory; performative analysis; melodic shaping

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Oliveira, Cardoso Control of affective content in music production affective music; music production; emotions and music; music psychology; music features manipulation

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Pacheco, Milhano Learning to be...singing: A choral music education program extracurricular musical activities; choral environment; music education; self-perceptions; attitudes

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Papageorgiou Analyzing performance interpretation: The bouncing ball musical motion; musical tension; rhythmic drive; bouncing ball; performance interpretation

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Pereira La cathedrale engloutie: Is musicology changing the way we perform? Debussy; recordings; performance; interpretation; musicology

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Pertzborn Motor control and learning: The basics of skilled instrumental performance doublebass; motor learning; sensory learning; perceptual-motor integration; pendulum motion

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Ribeiro-Pereira Schubert's lament: Original reading analysis; flat-submediant region; harmonic modulation; lament-motive; lied

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Robidas, Mathieu Integration of improvisation in violin lessons: Why and how to build an accessible and efficient didactic tool improvisation; violin; teaching-learning context; didactic tool; decisional latitude

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Rosenkranz, Butler, Williamon Epidemiology of musician's dystonia: Experience from the London clinic, 2002-07 musician's dystonia; epidemiology; pathophysiology

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Rosenkranz, Williamon, Rothwell The tuned brain: Enhanced brain plasticity in musicians motor cortex; excitability; plasticity; transcranial magnetic stimulation; motor training

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Sanders Sensory immersion training for concert artists fear; attention; music; performance; creativity

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Santos-Luiz The learning of music as a means to improve mathematical skills music; mathematics; spatial-temporal reasoning; brain; mathematical achievement

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Tro From quantitative empiri to musical performology: Experience in performance measurements and analyses performance studies; music technology; methodology; acoustical measurements

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Vila Verde Assessing the importance of visual/theatrical features in the perception of music by an audience, using sociological tools contemporary music performance; theatricality; listeners' perception; sociological analysis

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Chaffin, Crawford Unresolved dissonance? Subjectivity in music research subjectivity; research methods; musical expertise; performance cues; musical memory

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Lisboa, Chaffin, Logan, Begosh Variability and automaticity in highly practiced cello performance performance; expression; interpretation; memory; practice

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Ginsborg, Chaffin The effect of retrieval cues developed during practice and rehearsal on an expert singer's long-term recall for words and melody landmarks; memory; performance; singing; triggers

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Spiro, Gold, Rink Performance motives: Analysis and comparison of performance timing repetitions using pattern matching and Formal Concept Analysis music information retrieval; performance; pattern matching; repetition; motive

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Earis, Holmes The role of timbre in expressive musical performance: A case study of Bach's Prelude BWV 998 played on the acoustic guitar music performance; expressive performance parameters; timbre; spectral analysis; acoustic guitar

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Lourenco Tendencies of piano interpretation in the twentieth century: Concept and different types of "piano interpretation schools" typification; national piano schools; German; Russian; French

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Barlow, LoVetri, Howard Voice source and acoustic measures of girls singing "classical" and "contemporary commercial" styles singer; musical theatre; acoustic; closed quotient; adolescent

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Clift, Hancox, Morrison, Hess, Kreutz, Stewart Choral singing and psychological wellbeing: Findings from English choirs in a cross-national survey using the WHOQOL-BREF choral singing; psychological wellbeing; English choirs; survey; WHOQOL-BREF

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La, Harper, Carvalho The effects of the menopause and the use of hormonal replacement therapy on the female professional voice users' perceptions menopause; hormone replacement therapy; professional voice user; vocal, psychological, and sociological wellbeing

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McPherson Diary of a child musical prodigy prodigy; giftedness; talent; performance; memory; ability

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Papageorgi The influence of the wider context of learning, gender, age, and individual differences on adolescent musicians' performance anxiety performance; anxiety; measurement; prediction; adolescents

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Mota, Goncalves, Oliveira, Sousa, Calheiros, Ribeiro Composing with Hyperscore in general music classes: An exploratory study composition; technology; transferability; motivation; autonomy

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Gerling, dos Santos Intended versus perceived emotion emotion; piano performance; communication; circumplex model

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Harper Golden Section in the sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti: An examination of Kirkpatrick's crux Golden Section; Kirkpatrick's crux; Domenico Scarlatti; proportion; sonatas

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Martingo Making sense out of taste: A study on listeners' preferences of performed tonal music attraction; dynamics; musical preferences; tension; timing

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Fine, Ginsborg How singers influence the understanding of sung text singing; sung text; intelligibility; understanding; performer

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Gingras, McAdams, Schubert Effects of musical texture, performer's preparation, interpretative goals, and musical competence on error patterns in organ performance organ performance; performance errors; musical structure; interpretation; musical

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Arrais, Rodrigues Cognitive feedback and metaphors in emotional communication instruction of musical performance performance; metaphors; emotion; cognitive feedback; musical pedagogy

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Gruzelier, Leach, Steffert, Thompson Enhancing music and dance performance with EEG-neurofeedback (keynote) music; dance; EEG; neurofeedback; creativity

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Clemente, Carvalho, Vasconcelos, Branco, Cavalheiro, Frias-Bulhosa Orofacial considerations concerning musicians wind instruments; orofacial problems; Lip Pressure Appliance (LPA); Orthodontics Lip Pressure Appliance (OLPA); orthodontic treatment

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Grahame Joint hypermobility is a liability for the performing artist joints; hypermobility; performance; injury; prevention

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de Lisle, Speedy, Thompson The role of retraining in rehabilitation from focal dystonia focal dystonia; piano technique; retraining; biomechanical

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Gregg, Clark Theoretical and practical applications of mental imagery mental imagery; sport; music performance; applied model; interdisciplinary

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Haddon What does mental imagery mean to university music students and their professors? musical imagery; learning; students; professors

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Ritchie, Williamon Measuring self-efficacy in music self-efficacy; self-regulated learning; practice; performance; teaching

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Monteiro Virtuosity: Some (quasi phenomenological) thoughts virtuoso; virtuosity; performance; music culture; semiotics

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Pipa The art of hand-splitting: Vianna da Motta's contribution toward a better rendering of Beethoven's sonata op. 31/2 hand-splitting; piano; performance; Vianna da Motta; Beethoven

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Matta Fernando Lopes-Graca's choral music: Characteristics and interpretation Fernando Lopes-Graca; choral music; analysis of recordings; dissonance

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Kleber, Veit, Birbaumer, Lotze Neural correlates of professional classical singing neuroimaging; classical singing; musicians; non-musicians; functional brain activation

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Prem, Parncutt The timbre vocabulary of professional female jazz vocalists timbre; vocabulary; female jazz vocalists; teaching

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Pereira Authenticity in the twentieth century: Listening to composer's own recordings performance; interpretation; analysis; recordings; authenticity

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Fabiani, Friberg A prototype system for rule-based expressive modifications of audio recordings automatic music performance; performance rules; musical expression; emotions; audio signal processing

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Jabusch, Yong, Altenmuller Biographical predictors of music-related motor skills in children pianists sensorimotor learning; motor skills; practice; music performance; piano

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Jabusch, Yong, Altenmuller Erratum: Biographical predictors of music-related motor skills in children pianists erratum

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Williamson, Roberts, Moorhouse The role of the Alexander technique in musical training and performing Alexander technique; musical performance; MRI scanning

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Salgado Kinesics analysis in the investigation of the emotion expression in music performance music; emotion; performance; gesture; kinesics

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Kokotsaki PGCE music students' perceptions of the benefits of their musical involvement outside of school music teachers; music making; impact of musical activity; job satisfaction; professional development

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Heuser A theoretical framework for examining foundational instructional materials supporting the acquisition of performance skills instructional design; music development; music learning; beginning instrument instruction; concept development

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Macara, Batalha Youth and dance: Relation of university students with different types of dance dance; types of dance; dance practice; dancer; dance teacher

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Williamon, Coimbra ISPS 2007 End matter end matter; author index

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