Graduate Awards

The ISPS graduate paper award is offered biennially to one student to present a keynote paper at the symposium, and since 2017 the graduate poster award is voted upon by conference delegates. Information on past winners is provided below.

ISPS 2017
Performance, Processes, and Products

August 30 | 02 September 2017 
Reykjavík | Iceland 

Graduate Paper Award 

Sara Ascenso 
Royal College of Music 
Mind the mind: A profile of mental health in the performing arts 

Graduate Poster Award 

George Waddell 
Royal College of Music 
Time to decide: Designing a simulated evaluation platform 

ISPS 2015
Performance Education

02 | 05 September 2013
Kyoto | Japan 

Anna Zabuska 
Royal Northern College of Music 
Burnout and engagement among music performance students: A quantitative study 

ISPS 2013
Performing Together

23 | 31 August 2013
Vienna | Austria

Friedrich Platz
Hanover University of Music, Drama, and Media
The influence of performers’ stage entrance behavior on the audience’s performance elaboration

ISPS 2011
Models of Performance

24 | 27 August 2011
Toronto | Canada 

Colleen Skull
University of Toronto
Sustained excellence: Toward a model of factors sustaining elite performance in opera

ISPS 2009
Performing Excellence

15 | 18 December 2009
Auckland | New Zealand 

María Herrojo Ruiz
Hanover University of Music and Drama
Fast feedforward error-detection mechanisms in highly skilled performance 

ISPS 2007
Theories and Methods 

22 | 23 November 2007
Porto | Portugal

Boris Kleber
University of Tübingen
Neural correlates of professional classical singing



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