Graduate Award

The ISPS graduate award is offered biennially to one student to present a keynote paper at the symposium. Information on past winners is provided below.

ISPS 2017
Performance, Processes, and Products

August 30 | 02 September 2017 
Reykjavík | Iceland 

Sara Ascenso 
Royal College of Music 
Mind the mind: A profile of mental health in the performing arts 

ISPS 2015
Performance Education

02 | 05 September 2013
Kyoto | Japan 

Anna Zabuska 
Royal Northern College of Music 
Burnout and engagement among music performance students: A quantitative study 

ISPS 2013
Performing Together

23 | 31 August 2013
Vienna | Austria

Friedrich Platz
Hanover University of Music, Drama, and Media
The influence of performers’ stage entrance behavior on the audience’s performance elaboration

ISPS 2011
Models of Performance

24 | 27 August 2011
Toronto | Canada 

Colleen Skull
University of Toronto
Sustained excellence: Toward a model of factors sustaining elite performance in opera

ISPS 2009
Performing Excellence

15 | 18 December 2009
Auckland | New Zealand 

María Herrojo Ruiz
Hanover University of Music and Drama
Fast feedforward error-detection mechanisms in highly skilled performance 

ISPS 2007
Theories and Methods 

22 | 23 November 2007
Porto | Portugal

Boris Kleber
University of Tübingen
Neural correlates of professional classical singing



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